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Campbell & Fairweather Psychology Group is a private psychology practice dedicated to providing the highest quality clinical services to the Nanaimo, Victoria, and surrounding Island communities.  As one of the largest psychological health care providers on Vancouver Island, Campbell & Fairweather is a broad range full-service facility that aims to respond to client needs in a timely and exemplary manner.

Our team of psychologists and practitioners is well known to the Island community, having worked in private practice, government offices, hospital, and/or university and school settings in Nanaimo, Victoria, and the surrounding region.  Our psychologists are registered with the College of Psychologists of British Columbia and are bound by its Code of Conduct, and our Registered Clinical Counsellors are similarly bound by their code of ethics.

Since opening in 2006, our practice has been anchored by the belief that a collaborative approach, emphasizing positive relationships and communication within our team, as well as with other community professionals, allows for better continuity of care for clients, as well as positive and sustainable outcomes.   In consistently striving and aspiring to meet and maintain high standards in service delivery, and to stay informed by the latest scientific research, our ongoing objective is to help reduce clients’ distress, and to enhance life satisfaction, family relationships, work productivity, and/or to facilitate progress in other areas that clients identify as of key importance to them.  In keeping with our ongoing desire to keep our “work family” cohesive and energized, we additionally emphasize staff wellness and development.

We seek to maintain close ties with our community by serving on various committees, co-sponsoring events in areas such as child resiliency and couple/family therapy, and supporting fundraising endeavors and community-based sports teams.  In these ways, we hope to contribute in a meaningful way to mental health and social change within our community that is and will be measurable over time.


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